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Mathematica Scandinavica

Mathematica Scandinavica er en samarbeidsjournal mellom matematiske foreninger i hele Norden.


Normat, eller Nordisk Matematisk Tidsskrift var tidligere et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom matematikkforeninger i hele Norden.


As early as 1839, a collection of Niels Henrik Abel’s works was published under the editorship of Abel’s teacher, Bernt Holmboe. This collection however, was incomplete. For example, the Paris memoir with the famous addition theorem was not included because the manuscript had disappeared. Also, some minor papers by Abel had been omitted.

The Paris Memoir was found and published in 1841, and when the Holmboe edition of Abel’s  œuvres went out of print, it was felt that a mere reprint would be unsatisfactory. In 1872 the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters commissioned Ludvig Sylow and Sophus Lie to prepare a new and more complete edition. Sylow and Lie spent eight years on this task, searching for previously unpublished manuscripts and notebooks in French and German archives as well as those in Norway. According to Lie, most of this work was done by Sylow. The two-volume edition was published in 1881.

Volume I contains papers which had been published by Abel, most of them in Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle’s Journal). Volume II contains papers found after Abel’s death and passages on the subject of mathematics that had been excerpted from his letters.

The 1881 edition was composed of a print-run of 2000. The remaining 200 copies of the 1881 edition are in the possession of the Norwegian Mathematical Society. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abel’s birth, these have now been leather-bound in one volume, and numbered.

It is possible to order a copy of the limited edition.
Price: NOK 5.000

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